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 Welcome to The Center For Combating Alcohol Addiction In Cleveland 

Having ample experience in this industry, we understand your fear of being failed to overcome alcoholism. If you also go through such fears, sit back, relax and show your faith in us.

Be a part of our alcoholics anonymous meetings 

In this process, the awareness and inspirational meetings with our experts can bring a huge change in you. We arrange two different sorts of meetings devoted to different purposes. It includes-

Open meetings. Such meetings are usually the ones where our experts give an inspirational speech helping you eradicate the evils of drinking habits from your life. Here, we attend and communicate with as much as people we can, showcasing you the right path of leading a happy life with your family.

Personal meetings.

For these meetings, we may ask you for your personal time. You decide the venue, time, date, and our experts will make sure to be present at your decided and shared details to help you overcome alcoholism.

Step study meeting.

Once we are done with our personal meeting or session, we give you some study material which can help you better understand the effects of alcoholism on your body and brain. This step is necessary to keep you aware of what you have been doing with your health.

Our treatments.

In order to fight back alcoholism, one needs to go through many sorts of treatments. Relax, you will not be undertaken any unnecessary treatment or test until required. Usually, to help you overcome alcoholism habits, we proffer three different types of treatments including-


This one is to make sure if your health is fine or not. Unfortunately, if not, we initiate the required treatments to give you value for money services experience.


The usual ones are provided when you are going under the adversity of alcoholism and yet can be saved. Under this, we provide you with the best of inspiration to eradicate drinking habits.


After a time, alcoholism can hit hard on your mental health and once we detect so, we make sure you overcome as soon as you meet us.

Just in case, you are concerned about unraveling your personal information, don’t worry, we completely understand your concern. All you need is to fill this form and share your details with us. We make sure to keep your details undercover and help you in the best possible way.

    The Center For Combating Alcohol Addiction In Cleveland is solely into delivering treatments and care services to those who suffer from severe mental issues due to alcoholism. Join us today and start your healthy life!


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