Welcome to the Alcoholic Anonymous Center of Cleveland


The Alcoholic Anonymous Center is solely into delivering treatments and care services to those who suffer from severe mental issues due to alcoholism. Our treatment therapy starts with elements like:

  1. Promises
  2. Concepts
  3. Understanding
  4. Principles
  5. Medical traditions

How we help you overcome alcoholism?

We understand and know the adverse effects of alcoholism which takes no time to ruin a life & a family. To assist you in the best possible way, we:

  1. Organize awareness events
  2. Proffer supportive services
  3. Provide chips and literature
  4. Provide volunteer opportunities

All in all, we make every possible effort to be your helping hand in this journey!

The perks of joining us in your difficult times

We know what it takes for you to quit alcohol which has been a significant part of your life for many years. Our understanding with the seriousness of overcoming the adversity of alcoholism proves us as the perfect mates for you.

For us, it all starts with

Courage– We initiate it with a process of igniting the power within you. Our experts know how to gather all your potential and make you ready to take up this challenge with all the confidence.

Decision– Before us, it is your decision to quit alcohol and lead a happy life ahead. We make sure you do so.

Determination– By surrounding you with positivity and reminding the responsibilities of your family, we make sure you stay strong and lead this journey with utmost determination converting you into a better and healthy person in any manner.

If you are convinced enough to give your life a positive turn with our experts, then don’t forget to fill a form and we shall contact you as soon as you need our help.

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